Pneumatic Equipment (Thiết bị khí nén Taiyo)

10S-5 Series

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Available stroke is lengthen until 300mm.
To eliminate the penetration of dust, a heavy duty scraper is adopted.
The position of port can choose either at lateral or rear depending on the mounting space.
Various of mounting are prepared for different applications.
Body embedded type magnetic proximity switch is adopted.

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Port Position Mounting Style Bore Size mm
32 40 50 63 80 100 125
Lateral Port SD 10S-5SD32-200-GC2 10S-5SD40-200-GC2 10S-5SD50-200-GC2 10S-5SD63-200-GC2 10S-5SD80-200-GC2 10S-5SD100-200-GC2 10S-5SD125-200-GC2
MA 10S-5MA32-200-GC2 10S-5MA40-200-GC2 10S-5MA50-200-GC2 10S-5MA63-200-GC2 10S-5MA80-200-GC2 10S-5MA100-200-GC2 10S-5MA125-200-GC2
LB 10S-5LB32-200-GC2 10S-5LB40-200-GC2 10S-5LB50-200-GC2 10S-5LB63-200-GC2 10S-5LB80-200-GC2 10S-5LB100-200-GC2 10S-5LB125-200-GC2
FA 10S-5FA32-200-GC2 10S-5FA40-200-GC2 10S-5FA50-200-GC2 10S-5FA63-200-GC2 10S-5FA80-200-GC2 10S-5FA100-200-GC2 10S-5FA125-200-GC2
FB 10S-5FB32-200-GC2 10S-5FB40-200-GC2 10S-5FB50-200-GC2 10S-5FB63-200-GC2 10S-5FB80-200-GC2 10S-5FB100-200-GC2 10S-5FB125-200-GC2
CA 10S-5CA32-200-GC2 10S-5CA40-200-GC2 10S-5CA50-200-GC2 10S-5CA63-200-GC2 10S-5CA80-200-GC2 10S-5CA100-200-GC2 10S-5CA125-200-GC2
CB 10S-5CB32-200-GC2 10S-5CB40-200-GC2 10S-5CB50-200-GC2 10S-5CB63-200-GC2 10S-5CB80-200-GC2 10S-5CB100-200-GC2 10S-5CB125-200-GC2
TA 10S-5TA32-200-GC2 10S-5TA40-200-GC2 10S-5TA50-200-GC2 10S-5TA63-200-GC2 10S-5TA80-200-GC2 10S-5TA100-200-GC2 10S-5TA125-200-GC2
TB 10S-5TB32-200-GC2 10S-5TB40-200-GC2 10S-5TB50-200-GC2 10S-5TB63-200-GC2 10S-5TB80-200-GC2 10S-5TB100-200-GC2 10S-5TB125-200-GC2
Rear Port SP 10S-5SP32-200-GC2 10S-5SP40-200-GC2 10S-5SP50-200-GC2 10S-5SP63-200-GC2 10S-5SP80-200-GC2 10S-5SP100-200-GC2 10S-5SP125-200-GC2
MP 10S-5MP32-200-GC2 10S-5MP40-200-GC2 10S-5MP50-200-GC2 10S-5MP63-200-GC2 10S-5MP80-200-GC2 10S-5MP100-200-GC2 10S-5MP125-200-GC2
LP 10S-5LP32-200-GC2 10S-5LP40-200-GC2 10S-5LP50-200-GC2 10S-5LP63-200-GC2 10S-5LP80-200-GC2 10S-5LP100-200-GC2 10S-5LP125-200-GC2
FP 10S-5FP32-200-GC2 10S-5FP40-200-GC2 10S-5FP50-200-GC2 10S-5FP63-200-GC2 10S-5FP80-200-GC2 10S-5FP100-200-GC2 10S-5FP125-200-GC2
TP 10S-5TP32-200-GC2 10S-5TP40-200-GC2 10S-5TP50-200-GC2 10S-5TP63-200-GC2 10S-5TP80-200-GC2 10S-5TP100-200-GC2 10S-5TP125-200-GC2
Port Position Lateral port Rear port
Available Bores(mm) 32·40·50·63·
Working Fluid Air
Lubrication Not necessary(But possible)
Operating Pressure Range 0.05∼1MPa
Proof Test Pressure 1.5MPa
Operating Speed Range 50∼500mm/s
Temperature Range -10∼+70ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Structure of Cushioning With cushion pad
Tolerance of Thread JIS 6H/6g
Stroke Tolerance +1.0∼0mm
Accessories Rod End Attachments Rod End Eye (T-End)·Rod End Eye with Spherical Bearing (S-End)·Rod End Clevis (Y-End) with pin·Floating Joint (F-End)
Bracket TA(TP)·TB BracketACB Bracket
Standard Stroke and Stroke Limit Unit: mm
Stroke 25 50 75 100 125 150 200 250 300 Stroke limit
32 - - 300
40 - - 300
50 - - 300
63 400
80 400
100 400
125 400
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