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History of Taiyo Ltd:

July 1933 TAIYO IRON WORKS. for manufacturing spinning 
machine parts established in Kunijima, Higashi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
December 1945 Company trade name changed to TAIYO, LTD.
July 1951 Production of automatic machines started
October 1952 Production of hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders and related equipment started
June 1965 Head office moved to Kita Eguchi, Higashi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
May 1968 Production of hydraulic jacks for elevators started
July 1970 Osaka Plant expanded to include new heavy machinery and machinery assembling plants
March 1972 Osaka plant was approved as the first "JIS-licensed hydraulic cylinder plant" in Japan
February 1976 Established TAIYO SERVICE CO., LTD. (changed the name to TAIYO TECHNO, LTD. in March, 1989)
December 1982 Nara Plant constructed
August 1983 Tsukuba plant constructed
September 1986 TAIYO AMERICA, INC. established in Chicago, U.S.A.
February 1990 Capital increased to 1 billion yen
August 1991 Yamaguchi plant constructed
March 1992 Testing and Analyzing Center established at Yamaguchi plant
April 1996 Yamaguchi Plant obtained ISO 9002 certification
December 1996 Capital increased to 1.5 billion yen
February 1999 Osaka Plant obtained ISO 9001 certification
April 2000 Nara Plant obtained ISO 9001 certification
July 2000 Established TAIYO TEC, LTD. (former Nara Plant)
September 2001 Tsukuba Plant obtained ISO 9001 certification
March 2002 Business alliance with Parker Hannifin Corporation startedCapital increased to 2,944,200,000 yen
April 2002 Mechatronics Group (Standard Equipment-group and Semiconductor-group) obtained ISO 9001 certification
November 2002 Yamaguchi Plant obtained ISO 9001 certification
February 2003 TAIYO PARKER FLUIDPOWER (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD established in Shanghai, China
October 2003 Mechatronics Group (System Device-group) obtained ISO 9001 certification
April 2004 Mechatronics Group obtained ISO 14001 certification
May 2005 Headquarters, Tsukuba Plant and Yamaguchi Plant obtained ISO 14001 certification
July 2007 TAIYO, LTD. changed its (Japanese) trade name to Kabushikigaisya TAIYO
March 2008 TAIYO listed on the Second section of the Tokyo Stock ExcangeCapital increased to 3,153,450,000 yen
June 2011 Taiyo SYSTEM(Tianjin) co.,ltd. was established in Tianjin, China.
June 2012 TAIYO, LTD was delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchenge
after the TBO.
TAIYO TECHNO, LTD. obtained ISO 9001 certification.
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  • Hotline 0987.824.409
  • Kinh Doanh 024.38722836
  • Hỗ trợ sky
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