Pneumatic Equipment (Thiết bị khí nén Taiyo)

SR532 Series

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Small-size lubrication-free solenoid valves with valve width of 15 mm and effective sectional area of 4.2 mm² (2-position type)
  • Suitable for driving cylinders with bores of up to 32 mm
  • As standard devices for protection from power surge, the valves for AC are provided with varistors, and those for DC are provided with flywheel diodes.
  • The valves for AC power can be used at 100 to 120 V AC or 200 to 240 V AC available.
  • The valves can be wired by various methods, e.g. Q socket, P socket, DIN socket and lead wire methods, and the Q socket, P socket and DIN socket type valves are provided with indicating lamps for easy confirmation as standard devices.
  • One touch fittings for 4- and 6-mm dia. valves are standardized.
  • Compact tandem type double solenoid valves are available (sub-plate type, Mono-manifold type/24 V DC)
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