Detecting Equipment (Thiết bị phát hiện rò gỉ Taiyo)

LD1 Series

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Detecting the flow rate gap of IN-OUT.
Approximately 3% leak detection is possible by the minimum leak detection setting.(Flow rate 25/min)
Highly reliable switch with resistance to noise from a spot welding machine.
Magnet or Iron proximity switch are prepared for detecting method, depending on the application.

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Specifications Click the Model number as follows, to check the details.
Model Number LD1-1000-DC24V LD1-1000-DC24V
Detection Method Magnetic Proximity Iron Proximity
Type Resin Body
Body Material Polyacetal
Fluid Used water
Port Size Rc3/8(with piping adaptor)
Operating Pressure Range 0 to 1.0MPa
Proof Pressure 1.5MPa
Ambient Temperature 0 to +50 Celsius degree (But do not use when frozen)
Fluid Temperature 0 to +70ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Flow Rate Range 2.5 to 25/min
Read Accuracy 5%fs
Hysteresis Less than 5%
Alarm Response Time approx. 500ms
Installation Direction Free
Flow Direction Bi-Direction (Up:Primary side Down:Secondary side)
Output Point 1c Contact Relay Output1 point (common when inadequate flow or leak)
Norminal Power DC24V
Lead Detecting Flow Approx. 3% leak detection is possible by the minimum leak detection setting.(when 25/min)
Mass approx. 1300g

Please use within the flow rate range.

The values show at the table are valued by tap water (20 Celsius degree). Flow rate range will change depending on the viscosity of used detecting fluid.



Electrical Specifications
Power Voltage DC24V
Allowable Voltage Range 10%(Max. Norminal DC30V)
Power Consumption Below 2W
Cable VCTF 8-wires 0.3mm2 length 1m
Frequency Output Method Photocoupler
Max. Allowable Voltage DC50V
Load Current Below 4mA (Output residual current Below 0.5V)


Output Specifications
Contact Arrangement 1cX1(common to flow or leak, and the relay will drive when over setting value)
Norminal Control Capacity
(resistance load)
DC30V 1A/AC125V 0.5A
Max. Allowable Power
(resistance load)
Max. Allowable Voltage DC110V/AC125V
Max. Energizing Current 1A
Min. Adaption Load 10A 10mV DC
Contact Spacing Insulated Resistance Insulated Resistance Type DC500V Over 1000MĦ
Contact Spacing Proof Voltage AC750V /minute
Electric Life Over 100 thousand times (Norminal Load, switching frequency 20 times/minute)