Detecting Equipment (Thiết bị phát hiện rò gỉ Taiyo)

DFS3 Series

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In addition to the conventional main unit specifications, stainless steel body is added in the high flow rate specification.

In addition to power relay output heightening contact point capacity, open collector output specification is added.

Performance of noise resistance is improved.
Note)Prediction function adopted in DFS2 is not adopted in this DFS3 Series.

Thông tin chi tiết
Flow Rate Specification Action Style Detection method Model Number Flow Rate Range Option
Low flow type Resin Body Magnetic Proximity DFS3-1002 0.2 to 2.5/min
Iron Proximity DFS3-5002
Midium flow type Resin Body Magnetic Proximity DFS3-1000 Flow Rate Range 
A : 0.5 to 5/min
Flow Rate Range 
B : 2.5 to 25 /min
Iron Proximity DFS3-5000
Metal Body Magnetic Proximity DFS3-1200
Stainless steel Body Magnetic Proximity DFS3-1500
High flow type Metal Body Magnetic Proximity DFS3-2000 12 to 120/min
Stainless steel Body Magnetic Proximity DFS3-2500
Click the Flow Rate Specification for the details.
Resin Body :Polyacetal(Including Glass)
Metal Body :BC6(Nickeling)
Stainless steel Body :SCS14