Hydraulic Equipment (Thiết bị thủy lực Taiyo)

140MT-3 Series

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Installed absolute position sensor
  • The position sensor applying a magnetostriction phenomenon enables high-accuracy absolute position sensing.
  • No limit sensor is needed for original position setting, and position correction is not required.
  • The sensor has a linearity of ±0.05%FS which cannot be obtained by conventional absolute position sensors. (The linearity indicates the accuracy at the full stroke.)
  • The temperature drift of the sensor probe alone is remarkably low, ±50 ppmFS/℃ (ppm: 1/1,000,000)
  • High-speed sample hold circuit ensures stable output and high response.
  • Since the sensor is built in the mill type hydraulic cylinder (70/140M-3 Series), it excels in environmental resistance and durability.
  • They are so compact that they are easy to install and space-saving in equipment.
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