Absolute Method-PTT-1B Series

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High precision due to the application of magneto striction phenomenon. No additional detector, no correction to set the original position. Minimized design attaching importance to its compactness. Worry-free to use general purpose valve due to the high-performance cushioning is equipped as

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Action Style Model Rod diameter Bore Size mm
50 63 80 100 125 140 160
Double-acting Single-rod Standard B - 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。
A 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。 価格についてはお問合せください。

Model Double-acting Single-rod/Standard
Available Bores(mm) mm 50·63·80·100·125·140·160
Mounting Style SD·LA·FA·TA·TC style
Rod diameter B Rod A Rod
Nominal Pressure 21MPa
Max. AllowablePressure 24.5MPa 26.5MPa
Proof Test Pressure 31.5MPa
Min. Working
Head Side 0.3MPa and below
Rod Side 0.45MPa and below 0.6MPa and below
Operating Speed Range 50·63:8∼400mm/s
Temperature Range -10∼+80ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Structure of Cushioning Metal fitting type
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
(For other working oil, refer to the table of working oil adaptability.)
Tolerance of Thread JIS 6g/6H
Standard stroke ∼1600mm
Stroke Tolerance
Accessories Rod End Attachments Single-clevis (T-end)·Single-clevis with pin
Lock nut Lock nut
Rod Boot Nylon tarpaulin·Chloroprene·Conex
Note1) Hydraulic pressure that is generated in cylinder due to the inertia of load shall be set at less than the maximum allowable pressure.
Note2) There is a hole with 13∼16 right through the piston rod. Please be noted that there may be oil leak if the piston rod get damaged when a set screw is fixed.
Note3) Temperature range is different depend on the packing material. Please refer to the selection material.
Note4) If using lock nut at the end of piston rod, please order to lengthen the thread length of piston rod end (A dimension).
Note5) Conex of boots is the registered trade mark of Teijin,Ltd.

Detector Specifications
Power supply DC24V±2V 0.05A
Accuracy Linearity ±0.25% FS or ±75mTYP
Resolution Ability ±0.01% FS and below or ±30m and below
Repeatability ±0.01% FS and below or ±30m and below
Temperature Character 40ppm FS/C and below or 12m/C and below
Output Standard Current output 4∼20mA Load resistance500Ω and below
Semi-standard Voltage Output 0∼10V Load current max5mA
Load resistance min2kΩ
Frequency characteristic Scanning frequency 1kHz
Temperature Range -20ºC∼+80ºC
Impact-resistant 50G 2m1S
Vibration-resistant 6G or 40Hz2mmPP
Protective structure IP67(10kPa, 30min)
Above specification is base on a single detector.
The accuracy value is the large value which mentioned beside.

When the detector is fixing on a cylinder, the accuracy mentioned above may be different depending on the pressure and load which may deformed the parts of cylinder. The repeatability accuracy at a same situation may get a similar value as mentioned above.

The output at retracted end is 4.0∼4.5mA or 0∼0.3V, and at extended end is 12∼20mA or 5∼10V. (There may be some parts of effective length of sensor is not available depending on the stroke) Please set the controller based on the output of actual extended end and retracted end.

Adaptability of Working Oil and Packing Material
Material Working fluids
Petroleum-based Fluid Water-Glycol Fluid Phosphate-Ester Fluid Water in Oil Fluid Oil in Water Fluid
1: Nitrile Rubber
2 : Urethane rubber
3 : Fluoric rubber
6 : HNBR
Note1) The  and -marked items are applicable, while -marked items are inapplicable. Please contact to us when you use -marked items.
Note2) The -marked items are the recommended packing materials in case of the first priority to abrasion resistance.

Construction of Product

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