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Mã sản phẩm 70RV Series
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Adoption of a high load capability tapered roller bearings. Adoption of a high strength ductile iron or steel housing can response to high output torque. Standardized port type to BSPP and Rc ports also available. High durability with PTFE wearing and molythane piston seals. Adoption o

The HTR Series actuator incorporates many hydraulic and mechanical features that make this actuator suitable for high production applications. These features include: high load capability tapered roller bearings; a chrome alloy steel rack and pinion gear set; a high strength ductile iron or steel housing; and proven Parker Hannifin cylinder components. These features make the HTR Series actuators robust and suitable for integration into the most demanding production systems.

Common Specifications
Proof Test Pressure 21MPa (HTR22 & 45 is 14MPa)
Standard rotations 90‹A180‹A360‹
Rotational tolerance
Min. Working Pressure 0.5MPa
Mounting orientation unrestricted
Operating temperature range Urethan seals:-10ºC∼+80ºC
Fluoric rubber seals:0ºC∼+100ºC
Special nitrile seals:0ºC∼+80ºC
Standard timing Keyway in 12:00 position at midstroke.

Single Rack
Model Actual Output Torque Max. Angular
Backlash, Minutes
Rotation Degrees
Displacement Mass.
HTR.9 45Nm
30 90 9.3cm3 5kg Inquiry
180º 19cm3 6kg Inquiry
360º 37cm3 9kg Inquiry
HTR3.7 177Nm
30 90º 40cm3 13kg Inquiry
180º 80cm3 14kg Inquiry
360º 159cm3 17kg Inquiry
HTR5 305Nm
30 90º 51cm3 17kg Inquiry
180º 102cm3 18kg Inquiry
360º 205cm3 22kg Inquiry
HTR15 1050Nm
15 90º 145cm3 25kg Inquiry
180º 291cm3 27kg Inquiry
360º 582cm3 32kg Inquiry
HTR22 1050Nm
15 90º 227cm3 27kg Inquiry
180º 455cm3 30kg Inquiry
360º 910cm3 36kg Inquiry
HTR75 2825Nm
15 90º 754cm3 90kg Inquiry
180º 1508cm3 100kg Inquiry
360º 3016cm3 120kg Inquiry
HTR300 14125Nm
10 90º 2913cm3 345kg Inquiry
180º 5827cm3 382kg Inquiry
360º 11653cm3 414kg Inquiry
Note1) Use the durability ratings for high production duty of 1 million cycles and/or high speed applications
(180º in less than three seconds or more than one cycle per minute).
Note2) To minimize backlash in the actuator, order a double rack a few degrees longer and add stroke adjusters.
Double Rack
Model Actual Output Torque Max. Angular
Backlash, Minutes
Rotation degrees
Displacement Mass.
HTR1.8 96Nm
30 90º 19cm3 7kg Inquiry
180º 37cm3 9kg Inquiry
360º 74cm3 11kg Inquiry
HTR7.5 376Nm
30 90º 79cm3 16kg Inquiry
180º 159cm3 19kg Inquiry
360º 318cm3 24kg Inquiry
HTR10 646Nm
30 90º 102cm3 20kg Inquiry
180º 205cm3 25kg Inquiry
360º 410cm3 30kg Inquiry
HTR30 2226Nm
15 90º 291cm3 40kg Inquiry
180º 582cm3 44kg Inquiry
360º 1164cm3 53kg Inquiry
HTR45 2226Nm
15 90º 455cm3 45kg Inquiry
180º 910cm3 49kg Inquiry
360º 1819cm3 61kg Inquiry
HTR150 5989Nm
15/TD> 90º 1508cm3 146kg Inquiry
180º 3016cm3 167kg Inquiry
360º 6032cm3 206kg Inquiry
HTR600 29945Nm
10 90º 5827cm3 505kg Inquiry
180º 11653cm3 573kg Inquiry
360º 23290cm3 709kg Inquiry

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