Hydraulic Hose and Fitting

Mã sản phẩm T/T1000 Series
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Possible to cut and connect at the optimum length. Variation of port size from R1/8 to R1/2 are prepared.

Hydraulic hose specifications
Model No. T1000-04 T1000-06 T1000-08
Hose Outline 10.4mm 14mm 17.4mm
Bore Dia. 6.3mm 9.5mm 12.7mm
Min. bend radius 40mm 60mm 80mm
Rated Pressure 10.5MPa
Proof Test Pressure 11.25MPa
Note1)Pressure loss 0.05MPa
(when flow rate 5/min)
(when flow rate 10/min)
(when flow rate 20/min)
Temperature Range -20∼+80ºC (But do not use when frozen)
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
Color Black
Mass. 64g/m 90g/m 131g/m
Standard sales unit 10m·30m
Note1) When hose length 1m·viscosity 32mm2/s.
Note2) For hose length 30m, minimum length of 10m and 20m will ship out as a set of 30m.

Click the model number for details.

Name Shape Model No. Length
Hydraulic hose T1000-04 T1000-04-10 10m
T1000-04-30 30m
T1000-06 T1000-06-10 10m
T1000-06-30 30m
T1000-08 T1000-08-10 10m
T1000-08-30 30m

Specifications of hydraulic hose fitting

Rated Pressure 5MPa
Proof Test Pressure 7.5MPa
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
Temperature Range -20∼+80ºC(But do not use when frozen)
Available Hose T1000-04·T1000-06·T1000-08
Sales Unit 10 pieces

Click the model number for details.

Name Shape Model No. Port size Available hose
Connector/TS TS4-PT1/8 R1/8 T1000-04
TS4-PT1/4 R1/4
TS6-PT1/4 R1/4 T000-06
TS6-PT3/8 R3/8
TS8-PT1/2 R1/2 T1000-08
Elbow/TL TL4-PT1/8 R1/8 T1000-04
TL4-PT1/4 R1/4
TL6-PT1/4 R1/4 T1000-06
TL6-PT3/8 R3/8
45‹ Elbow/TV TV4-PT1/8 R1/8 T1000-04
TV4-PT1/4 R1/4
TV6-PT3/8 R3/8 T1000-06
"T" style/TT TT4-PT1/4 Rc1/4 T1000-04
TT6-PT3/8 Rc3/8 T1000-06
PF connector/TE TE4-PF1/4 G1/4 T-1000-04
TE6-PF3/8 G3/8 T1000-06
TE8-PF1/2 G1/2 T1000-08
Adapter·Straight/TA - TA8-PT3/8 R3/8 T1000-08
Adapter·Elbow/TB - TB8-PT3/8 R3/8 T1000-08
TB8-PT1/2 R1/2

Holding die
Use the holding die to fix the hydraulic hose and fitting.

Model No.:50HOL Model No.:55HOL
Available hose T1000-04/06 Available hose T1000-08

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