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Maximum working pressure is 34.5MPa. An in-line chaeck valve for preventing backward flow by setting inthe hydraulic circuit. 5 viariations are prepared for different port and flow.

Model No. 8C200S 8C400S 8C600S 8C800S 8C1200S
Port Rc1/8 Rc1/4 Rc3/8 Rc1/2 Rc3/4
Max. flow rate 11/min 19/min 30/min 57/min 95/min
Max. woriking pressure 34.5MPa
Cracking pressure 0.04MPa
Temperature Range -10∼+60ºC (But do not use when frozen)
Working Fluid JIS K2213-2 class (Equivalent to turbine oil ISO VG32)
Mass.(Standard type) 0.08kg 0.17kg 0.2kg 0.51kg 0.805kg

.We response also stainless steel type for model no. 8C400A8C600A8C800

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