Direct Press Cylinder

Mã sản phẩm DP Series
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It could puncture round hole and square hole without any guide. The external size is samll, so it could saving space for lined up installation. It could setting the punch directly on the rod end. The length of stroke is possible to puncture depth concave under face.

Product Lineup Click the icon as follows, to check the details.
Action Style Bore
30 50 75 100 125 150
26 DPR26-030 DPR26-050 DPR26-075 DPR26-100 DPR26-125 DPR26-150
40 DPR40-030 DPR40-050 DPR40-075 DPR40-100 DPR40-125 DPR40-150
50 DPR50-030 DPR50-050 DPR50-075 DPR50-100 DPR50-125 DPR50-150
With Non-rotating
40 DPS40-030 DPS40-050 DPS40-075 DPS40-100 DPS40-125 DPS40-150
50 DPS50-030 DPS50-050 DPS50-075 DPS50-100 DPS50-125 DPS50-150

Action Style Basic With Non-rotating
Model Numbers DPR DPS
Aailable Bores(mm) 26,40,50 40,50
Cylinder Stroke 30/50/75/100/125/150mm 30/50/75/100/125/150mm
Max. Allowable Pressure 14MPa
Min. Working Pressure 0.6MPa
Operating Temperature -10 to +80 Celsius Degree(But do not use when frozen)
When using exceeds this temperature, the gaskets are damaged.
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
Note1)Rot End Run-out less than 0.05mm less than 0.03mm
Remarks Rotation Run-out/less than 0.03mm
(The run-out of rod diameter when rotate without load.)
Rotation Angle/less than 0.3 Degree
(Without Torque)
Adjustment Round Hole Square Hole/Different Diameter Hole
Accessories One set screw for retainer-nut. One set screw for retainer-nut.
/One Spring Pin
Note1)One-side run-out of 1kgf horizontal load on the rod end.

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