Rotary Actuator

Mã sản phẩm 35RP2 Series
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Anti-backlash mechanism eliminates jitter at ends of rotation. Rotation angle can be adjusted to plus or minus 5 degree. Standard built-in magnet on the piston make it possible to add switches to all models.

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Action Style Rotary Angle Bore(mm)
32 40 50 63 80
Switch Set
90 35RP2-SD32T90-AH2 35RP2-SD40T90-AH2 35RP2-SD50T90-AH2 35RP2-SD63T90-AH2 35RP2-SD80T90-AH2
180 35RP2-SD32T180-AH2 35RP2-SD40T180-AH2 35RP2-SD50T180-AH2 35RP2-SD63T180 35RP2-SD80T180

Structute Rack-and-Pinion
Bore 32 40 50 63 80
Rated Torque
(During 3.5MPa)
60N*m 106N*m 220N*m 436N*m 840N:m
Rotation Angle 90 Degrees/180 Degrees
Adjustment Angle 5 Degrees
Max. Allowable Pressure 3.5MPa
Proof Test Pressure 5MPa
Min. Operating Pressure 0.5MPa
Operating Temperature +10 to +60 Celsius Degree(Ambient Temperature and Oil Temperature)
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
(For other working oil, refer to the table of working oil adaptability.)
Gear Oil JIS 2219-2 (Gear Oil ISO Equivalent to VG680)
Thread Tolerance JIS 6g/6H
Mounting Style SD,FA,FB

Rotationj Angle 32 40 50 63 80
90 Degrees 28.3m 51.9m 104.3m 203.8m 410.5m
180 Degrees 53.4m 99.5m 202.6m 399.9m 788.3m

Allowable Fluid, Seal Material
Allowable Fluid
Petroleum-based Fluid Water-Glycol Fluid Phosphate-Ester Fluid Water in Oil Fluid Oil in Water Fluid
The -marked items are applicable, while -marked items are inapplicable. Please consult us when using -marked ite

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