Telesscopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Mã sản phẩm 70T-2 Series
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2-Stage Telescopic design offer space saving for vertical axis mounting. Fixed cushions are standard at both stroke end. Uniform circuit structure provide sequence operated by uniform motion.

Action Style 10 20 30 40 50
Available Bores(mm) 1-stage 63 90 110 125 140
2-stage 45 65 80 90 100
Stroke Fabrication Range 50 to 1700mm 50 to 2500mm 50 to 3100mm 50 to 3100mm 50 to 3100mm
Norminal Pressure 7MPa
Max. Allowable Pressure Rod Cover Side : 15MPa Head Cover Side : 9MPa
Proof Test Pressure Rod Cover Side : 21MPa Head Cover Side : 14MPa
Min. Working Pressure Rod Cover Side : 0.6MPa Head Cover Side : 0.3MPa
Operating Speed Range 10 to 166mm/s 10 to 150mm/s 10 to 140mm/s 10 to 128mm/s 10 to 118mm/s
Operating Temperature Ambient Temperature : -10 to +50ºC Oil Temperature : -5 to +80ºC 
(But do not use when frozen)
Cushion Mechanism Fixed Cushion on Both End
Working Fluid Petroleum-based fluid
(For other working oil, refer to the tableof working oil adaptability.)
Thread Tolerance JIS 6g/6H
Stroke Tolerance
Mounting Style LA,LT,FA,FB,CA,TA,TB
Hydraulic pressure that is generated in cylinder dur to the inertia of load shall be set at less than the maximum allowable pressure.
When using in case of retract, set the working pressure up to 6Mpa as measure.
If the working speed is below the speed range, the cylinder would get stick-slip or get stuck. And if the working speed is cut cross the speed range, the packing will get early abrasion and it will also reduce the effectiveness of the cushion.

Allowable Fluid, Seal Material
Seal Material Allowable Fluid
Petroleum-based Fluid Water-Glycol Fluid Phosphate-Ester Fluid Water in Oil Fluid Oil in Water Fluid Fatt Acid Ester
1:Nitrile rubber
3:Fluoric rubber

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