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It is environmentally friendly as it using lead-free components. Two input methods, analog input or pulse input, are available. Standardized multi-points output function that anable setting upper or lower limit seperately. Noté) Realized the high-performed resolution ability by 16bit AD

Product Lineup Click the icon as follows, to check the details.
Name Type Description Model Number Selection
Position Indicator Analog Output Current Input PQCPA-CU-A-A Inquiry
Voltage Input PQCPA-CU-A-V Inquiry
Pulse Input 12V-open collector input 12V voltage input PQCPA-CU-P-12 Inquiry
24V-open collector input 24V voltage input PQCPA-CU-P-24 Inquiry
Differential Input Note) PQCPA-CU-P-00 Inquiry
Note) This is the specification when use lone indicators. Differential input will not be available with cylinder set.
Name Corresponding Actuator Cable Length Model Number Selection
Cable between sensor and indicator PTH-1B·PTN-1B 1m PQCPA-CV1-01 Inquiry
5m PQCPA-CV1-05 Inquiry
10m PQCPA-CV1-10 Inquiry
35P-3·70P-8·140P-8 1m PQCPA-CV2-01 Inquiry
5m PQCPA-CV2-05 Inquiry
10m PQCPA-CV2-10 Inquiry
PSR-1A 1m PQCPA-CV3-01 Inquiry
5m PQCPA-CV3-05 Inquiry
10m PQCPA-CV3-10 Inquiry
I/O Cable 5m PQCPA-IO Inquiry
Corresponding Actuator
PTH-1B PTN-1B 35P-3 70P-8 140P-8 PSR-1A
Product Lineup
Type Analog Pulse
Adapted Input Signal Analog voltage / Analog current AB phase
Indicating Range ±999999
Resolution Ability Stroke  1/10000 -
Response Frequency 1kHz 200kHz
Linearity ±0.02%FS -
Signal Type Power supply 0∼10V  
Power supply 1∼5V    
Current input 4∼20mA
Open collector input
Diffirential input (Line driver input)
12V power supply
24V power supply
Monitor Output Voltage Output Note) Line driver output
Sampling Output 1,000 times/sec
Indicating Speed 10 times/sec
Indicating Method Fluorescent lighting tubes
Control Input No-voltage input(Contact·Noncontact)
Control Output Open collector Max. rated DC50V 50mA
(multi-points output function that anable setting upper or lower limit seperately 
(5-points) · with Pulse Position Correction Function)
Power Supplu Voltage DC24V ±10%
Ambient Temperature 0∼50ºC (But do not use when frozen)
Ambient Humidity 35∼85%RH (No condensation)
Note) The monitor output when 4∼20mA power supply is 1∼5V voltage output.

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