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Easy mounting from upper side. SH3 series compatible, because the dimension from one side to the end of finger is totally same. Because of the lightness, it is suitable for pick and place motion. The parallel gripping motion is better at a light responsive as there is no twisting phenomenon. Beca

Specifications Please click the code number for details.
Structure Parallel Open-Closed with Short Body Type
Code SHB-P04 SHB-P08
Actual gripping capacity 19.6N 30.4N
Open,close,stroke mm 4mm 8mm
Working fluid Air
Lubrication Unnecessary(But possible)
Operating pressure range 0.3∼0.5MPa
Proof test pressure 0.7MPa
Max.operating frequency 40C.P.M.
Temperature range -10∼+60Celsius degree(Do not use when frozen)
Repeatability ±0.05mm(Initial value at tip of finger)
Lubricant JIS K2213-1(Additive turbine oil ISO VG32) of equivalent
Weight 52g 102g
* Acutual gripping capacit
* Weignt available for holding,conveyance with actual gripper is about 10%of the theoretical gripping,opening capacity.

Switch Specifications Please click the code number for details.
Code CS101-A(With cord1.5m)
Detection style High frequency oscillation type
Power supply DC12∼24V±10%(Ripple P-P10% and less)
Voltage·current DC24V MAX .100mA
Current consumption DC24V MAX . 15mA
Voltage drop DC24V MAX . 1V
Insulation resistance DC500V Mega MIN 500MΩ(Case∼cable)
Voltage-proof AC1000V No trouble for 1 min.(Case∼cable)
Shock-proof 490m/s2
Vibration-proof Double vibration width 1.5mm 10∼55Hz 2hours
Temperature -10-∼+60Celsius degree)
Wiring style 0.12mm2 3 Cores Outer dia. 2.9 Cabtyre cord
Protective structure IP67(IJapan Electrical Manufacturers` Association grade) or equivalent
Indicating lamp LED(Lights with switch ON)
Electric circuit
Applied Miniature relay·Small relay·sequencer
weight(gf) 23g

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