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Features: * Motorization equal to the total cost of a pneumatic gripper * Smoother substitutions than pneumatic grippers − No need to change I/O wiring for a pneumatic gripper; Operable with only an open/close signal − Hassle-free substitution (No program editing necessary) * Control capabi


Gripping force Max. gripping force 15 N
Set value 5 stages (100 % - 30 %)
Position Open/close stroke 30 mm
Repeated accuracy ±0.05 mm*
Speed Max. speed 150 mm/sec
Set value 2 stages (100 % and 50 %)

Guide section

Guide structure Linear guide
Allowable load (F) 500 N
Allowable pitching moment (MP) 3.7 N m
Allowable yawing moment (My) 3.7 N m
Allowable rolling moment (Mr) 5.9 N m
Fingers Max. mass (1 pair) 50g
Maximum gripping position (L) 60 mm
Overthang (H) 60 mm
Max. gripping mass 0.15 kg
*Under similar grip conditions. 
Controller Speed setting 2 stages (rotary switch)
Gripping force setting 5 stages (rotary switch)
Input 2-point operation direction inputs (ON: Close, OFF: Open)
SET ON: Workpiece position setting
When an alarm occurs, use SET input to reset the alarm
Output 4 points (OPEN, CLOSE, HOLD, ALM)
Serial network RS485, 1 port
Position output (Resolution: 0.1 mm)
LED Power indicator, READY (flashes when alarm occurs)
Power supply 24 V DC ±10 %
General Operating temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Operating humidity 35 % to 85 % (but non-condensing)
Storage temperature -10 °C to +65 °C (but non-freezing)
Weight 0.4 kg
Related equipment Cables (1 m, 3 m)

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