AS-1215 Series

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Small, lightweight shock absorber of body-screwed type. Highly efficient shock absorber with the adoption of membranous oil seal and small frictional resistance in the slipping part. With the adoption of silicone oil, the stabilized performance is maintained for the change of temperature and orifi

Specifications Click the Model Numbers as follows, to check the details.
Model Numbers AS-1215-1 AS-1215-2
Max. energy absorption 2.94 to 7.85J 6.86 to 11.8J
Stroke 15mm
Equivalent Weight Range 30kg 40kg
Note1)Max. Energy Capacity Per Min. 245J/min
Impact Speed Range 1.5m/s
Max. Resisting Force Value 1470N 1960N
Note2)Rod Return Force 11.8N
Note2)Rod Return Time 1s
Max. Operating Cycle 30 cycle/min
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +50 Celsius Degree(But do not use when frozen)
Weight 112g
Note1) Max. energy capacity per minute in the table is shown at the ambient temperature of 26.7 Celsius degree. Max. energy capacity per minute at the ambient temperature T (Celsius degree) mentioned as E2(J/min) is calculated according to following formula.
Note2) It indicates the max. value when stroke 15mm is pushed.

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